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Lynn-Rose Heights, Private School in Mississauga, ON
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LRH Music Programme:

At Lynn-Rose Heights we believe in nourishing the students enthusiasm for the Arts. The LRH Music Programme starts in the Junior Prep. Programme where students will begin using Orff (percussion) instruments until Grade 3, where we introduce the recorder. In Grades 4 and 5 the students will be trained on the violin. Starting in Grade 6 and for the duration of the programme the students will be able to select their own band instrument on an annual basis.

Students are able to showcase their music skills at a variety of events during the school year including French Cafe, our Music and Art Gallery, as well as in our holiday and Spring Productions held annually.


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2020 Grads in the News

Grade 8 Graduates!

Congratulations to our elementary school graduates! To celebrate and demonstrate our pride, we shared the news with our community via the Mississauga News. Look out for our grads in the June 25th edition of the paper.

Congratulations Grade 8 Graduates of 2020!

Lynn-Rose College Grade 8 Class of 2020 graduates on June 22nd, celebrating their success in a joyful e-ceremony lead by Vice Principal Michelle Lau. Speeches by class Valedictorians Sumyak Shah, Kamaljeet Mittal, and Lucie Osborne reminded us of the beautiful journey these students have had. We wish them continued success in Grade 9 and beyond.