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Lynn-Rose Schools Online Application Form

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Lynn-Rose Schools' programs (Pre-K to Gr 12). We hope that you have had the opportunity to view our video virtual tours and meet with our admissions team! To begin the admission process, please complete the form below. All applicants must pay a one-time $200 processing fee.

Each of the steps will guide you through the registration as it applies to your child and their individual needs.


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Lynn-Rose has a close community of families and we appreciate family referrals. Please tell us who referred you to Lynn-Rose Schools. ​​
Tell us more about yourself. What made you want to come to Lynn-Rose Schools? What are some of your favourite subjects or extra-curriculars? What are some of your interests?​​

Lynn-Rose Schools Online Application Form


Only for Canadian Residents.​​​

Lynn-Rose Schools Online Application Form


Please enter what years the applicant has attended this school. ​​

If you have school records or private professional testing/evaluations that might provide insight into your child's academic, emotional, social, or physical needs, please share this information with the Admissions Team.

Confidential School Report

Please download and make sure your child has the Confidential School Report completed by their current teacher. (Please note that this a mandatory requirement in order to complete your application.)


For students applying to either our Lynn-Rose Heights (Pre-K - Gr. 6) campus or Lynn-Rose College (Gr. 7-12), we require the student’s two latest report cards before their application can be processed. Upload them below, or bring in hard-copies at the time of testing.

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Students entering grades 9-12, please attach your last transcript.​
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Lynn-Rose Schools Online Application Form


Lynn-Rose is asking for this information so that we can better understand and support our students and families that are interested in coming to our school. This information helps us with our internal marketing and communication work and helps us provide you with a better service. Everything is kept confidential.

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Lynn-Rose Schools Online Application Form


1. Lynn-Rose Schools reserves the right to accept or reject this application. The withdrawal of any student may be requested if, in the opinion of the teacher and Head of School, this action is for the benefit of the student or for the benefit of the class as a whole. The acceptance of the student for one year does not indicate automatic acceptance into succeeding years.

2. Lynn-Rose Schools reserves the right to make such rules and regulations in the operation of the School as it deems appropriate and it is a condition of attendance that these rules and regulations be observed.

3. If offered admission to the school, the Parental/Guardian Agreement must be completed.


1. Each application must be submitted with a Birth Certificate or Passport.

2 . A non-refundable application fee of $200 is payable along with the application in order for the application to be processed. You will see a Paypal button below. Please follow the instructions for completing the application fee after submitting this application. A tuition deposit of $2000 is due upon registration, is non-refundable and cannot be applied to an outstanding fee or transferred to another student. (Please refer to Fee Schedule)

3. New students are also required to submit a non-refundable Initial School Development Fee upon acceptance. This is a one-time fee and is in addition to the tuition.

4. Your child's tuition is binding for a period of one academic year, according to your chosen method of payment as outlined in the Fee Schedule (A, B, or C). Therefore, parents/guardians are obligated to pay the full tuition fee UNCONDITIONALLY regardless of absence, transfer, withdrawal or dismissal.

5. Lynn-Rose Schools is an independent school and depends upon prompt payment of fees for operating expenses. Should fees remain outstanding after the due date, the school reserves the right to cancel enrollment and/or take whatever action is deemed necessary to collect its fees.

Compliance with the rules of the School and the Terms of Payment by the parents is a condition of the child’s acceptance.

Parents acknowledge that they have toured the school and are aware of the program offered. We have read and accept the Terms of Admission and the Terms of Payment.


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International Students should include their Visa Documents.​​
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We create and share news, events, and celebrate student achievement through our website's blog and social media channels. Please allow us to include your child's participation and achievements by signing the form and attaching. ​​​
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Please pay the $200 application fee in order for your application to be processed. ​​​

All information collected will be protected under the Lynn-Rose Schools Privacy Policy.

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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