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Lynn-Rose Heights, Private School in Mississauga, ON
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LRH Students visit with Mississauga MP in Ottawa
LRH Students visit with Mississauga MP in Ottawa
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Mississauga MP delivers speech to student constituents visiting Parliament in Ottawa

On October 2nd students in grades 5-8 headed to our nation's capital to experience firsthand our system of Government. Lynn-Rose Heights students had a wonderful surprise when Gagan Sikand, MP for Mississauga-Streetsville joined them at their visit to Parliament. Mr. Sikand accompanied LRH on our tour throughout the parliament building, the senate, and the library. Students were able to make genuine connections to these historic buildings as Mr. Sikand regaled the students with interesting stories and facts throughout the tour. A few favourite moments for many of the trip attendees was when Mr. Sikand introduced the students to The Honourable Geoff Regan, the Speaker of the House, as well as escorted the students into the House of Commons while in session. Students were honoured to have this rare opportunity. LRH is extremely appreciative to Mr. Sikand for taking the time to help create wonderful memories and engaging the students in an unforgettable learning experience in Ottawa.