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Lynn-Rose Heights, Private School in Mississauga, ON
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Our Founders

As a natural progression from their Mississauga-based Play and Learn Children's Centres, a flourishing academic pre-school program that has demonstrated academic excellence in its graduates since 1987, Tara Bullock and Marie Attard designed an academic programme within a nurturing environment to fuel the zest for learning that they believe all children naturally possess. Since 1997, the Lynn-Rose philosophy has provided an enhanced level of programming that ignites the passion for learning in its students. With a professional staff of educators who make the classroom experience positive and fulfilling for their students, Lynn-Rose Heights partners with parents to create the optimum environment for student learning and future success. Lynn-Rose provides educational programming tailored specifically to the unique needs of each child. Blending the nurturing qualities that impressed parents at the Play and Learn Children's Centres with a child-centered approach to education.

With the rise of the International Baccalaureate Programme World Wide, and its similarities to the existing Lynn-Rose model, transitioning to become Mississauga’s only IB Continuum School was a seamless one. In accordance with the vision of its founders, Lynn-Rose has become a leader in offering a versatile and student based learning experience, a foundation that our graduates build on and use to flourish as they complete their journey.

We thank you for your interest in Lynn-Rose, and we hope that you will come for a visit. You will see very quickly why Lynn-Rose is trusted by many to lay the foundation their childrens future.


Tara Bullock and Marie Attard, Founders