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IB French Immersion

NEW PROGRAMME BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 2018: Accepting New Registrations for Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1.

The Lynn-Rose Heights French Immersion Programme is offered in accordance with the Ontario French Immersion Curriculum. This programme runs along side our regular daily programming and while the students will have their own French Immersion Classes, those classes are held within our Main and Eastwins Campuses.

Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 3:

At Lynn-Rose Heights our Pre-K, JK and Sk students attend for the full day, and our IB French Immersion Programme will follow the same guidelines. As the students progress through the programme they will expand on their counting, classification and writing skills. Their French oral and written communication skills will blossom into fluency by the end of the 3rd Grade. This foundation will set the stage for bilingual academic success as they move forward.

Grade 4 - Grade 12:

The students will build upon their foundation in the Primary years and leave Lynn-Rose Heights as certified Bilingual Citizens. This entire process does not require the child to come from a French speaking family, or have bilingual parents. The addition of a second language to your child's resume has benefits that go beyond the classroom, and improves the students marketability as they enter post-secondary school choices, and eventually the workforce.

For more information please visit our Inquire Page.


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Introducing - Lynn-Rose College

Without further adieu, the long awaited release of Lynn-Rose Heights new High School Location. Lynn-Rose College is located within 1km of the Main and Eastwins Campuses.

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